Chun (KC) Kuang 旷纯

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Does quality matter in local consumption amenities? An empirical investigation with Yelp

- Journal of Urban Economics, Vol. 100 (2017), pp. 1-18

- Presented at the AREUEA-ASSA 2016 meetings in San Francisco and the AREUEA-National 2014 meetings in DC

Working Papers

Urban land values across China (with Wenyu Zhu)

- Presented at the UEA 2017 meetings in Vancouver and the Lincoln Institute Scholar Program 2017 at the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy

Why does the return to experience vary by worker type across cities? The role of life-cycle housing demand

- Presented at the UEA 2016 meetings in Minneapolis and the NARSC 2015 meeting in Portland

Selected Works in Progress

Life-cycle housing demand and labor force age composition

- Presented at the NARSC 2016 meetings in Minneapolis

Estimating compensating differentials for variable amenities: using travel demand as a proxy (with Daniel Broxterman)

Who benefits from high speed rail? Evidence from Chinese microdata