Chun (KC) Kuang 旷纯

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Working Papers

State Ownership and the Allocation of Capital (with Wenyu Zhu)

- Presentations: 2019 CICF, 2019 MIT Urban China Seminar Series, 2018 AREUEA International, 2018 CUFE-Tilburg Corporate Finance Workshop, 

  2017 UEA, 2017 Lincoln Institute Scholar Program

- Under revision

Social Learning and Local Consumption Amenities: Evidence from Yelp (with Elliot Anenberg and Edward Kung)

- Presentations: 2019 AREUEA-ASSA, 2018 UEA, 2018 AREUEA National

- Under revision

Attribute Misreporting and Appraisal Bias (with Michael Eriksen and Wenyu Zhu)

- Presentation: 2019 AsRES

- Under revision

Why does the Return to Experience vary by Worker Type across Cities? The Role of Life-cycle Housing Demand

- Presentations: 2016 UEA, 2015 NARSC

- Under revision, new version online soon

Selected Works in Progress

Public Capital and Firm Performance: Micro-evidence from China's High-Speed Rail (with Zijie Liu and Wenyu Zhu)

- Presentation: 2019 CES

Monetary Stimulus and the Geography of Mortgage Lending (with Michael Eriksen and Wenyu Zhu)

- Presentation: 2019 RUC Financial Markets and Monetary Policy Workshop

Need for Speed: China's High-Speed Rail and its Spatial Impacts (with Weihua Zhao)

Life-cycle Housing Demand and Labor Force Age Composition

- Presentation: 2016 NARSC


Does quality matter in local consumption amenities? An empirical investigation with Yelp

- Journal of Urban Economics, 2017, Vol. 100, pp. 1-18.

- Presentations: 2016 AREUEA-ASSA, 2014 AREUEA National

- Media mention: Forbes

Are all homeowners willing to pay for better schools? Evidence from a Finite Mixture Model approach (with Jee Hwang and Okmyung Bin)

- Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics, 2019, Vol. 58(4), pp. 638-655.

A revealed preference index of urban amenities: Using travel demand as a proxy (with Daniel Broxterman)

- Presentation: Endogenous Amenities and Cities Symposium at Florida State University

- Accepted at Journal of Regional Science